Black Hearts Matter

Black Hearts Matter. Sketch courtesy of Alexandre Dulaunoy. CC BY-SA 2.0.

In the wombs of their mothers, their hearts start to be beat.
A murmur at first.

And as they are born to this world, their lubs and dubs explode.
So many discoveries to make, so many paths to take!

They were alive, they were free!
But soon, they realise something ain’t right.

Come closer. Put your ear on their chests.
Don’t you hear the sound of anger and fear?

They were told that under their outer darkness, a savage lies.
No discoveries to make. Only one path to take.

Hush, hush, make no noise.
Or in the cage you go.

Their pulses slowed down.
And free slaves they become.

Black Hearts Matter.

from a sketch to a reality. Photo courtesy of Alexandre Dulaunoy. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Published by Saâd Kadhi

Archeofuturist & retromodernist with a knack for individualistic altruism

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