Black of Waves

Painting by Alexandre Dulaunoy. Photo © Saâd Kadhi. All rights reserved.

A little more than a month ago, my friend and fellow amateur photographer Alexandre Dulaunoy shared a picture of a sketch he was working on for some street art and painting ideas.

When I saw it, two things came almost instantly to my mind: a title and a poem. I called the sketch Black Hearts Matter and you can find both the sketch and the poem on this blog.

A few days later, he shared the picture of a drawing he made earlier. He called it Black of Waves and I liked it so much that I offered to buy it.

And here it is, sitting in my living room, fed by the light and shadows that go through the large window. Alexandre was so kind that he even offered to personally deliver it, an offer I gladly took him up on. He also brought some additional gifts (more on this in a later post).

We walked around my neighborhood, had a nice lunch together and stopped by a bookstore, as we are both addicted to book buying and reading. Alexandre calls it compulsive book acquisition disorder. I find the name very fitting. Alexandre shot several pictures and I think some of them are really nice. I hadn’t as the sky was way too cloudy for my black & white mood of the day.

Alexandre then left to let his free spirit ride his imagination and express his emotions through art. For art is not only saving him. It is saving us all.

Published by Saâd Kadhi

Archeofuturist & retromodernist with a knack for individualistic altruism

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