Compulsive Book Acquisition Disorder, a Visual Manifesto

© Saâd Kadhi. All rights reserved.

Photo featuring Alexandre Dulaunoy, a long-time friend and photography mentor/companion. The photo was taken last year, using a Leica Q2 during a photographic journey in Brussels, Belgium, ending by a visit to Bozar, a centre of fine arts in the heart of the city.

In addition to our common passion for photography, we also share an irrepressible craving for printed books. Alexandre calls this ‘ailment’ the compulsive book acquisition disorder. What a perfect description!

So after a day roaming the streets of Brussels, practising The Art of Getting Lost, which consists of putting your brain in the backseat to absorb your surroundings, letting your feet take you to wherever your sensitivity and luck lead you (a sort of mindful absence), we ended up visiting Bozar for a Keith Haring exhibit. On the way out, lo and behold, a bookstore (and a good one!) attracted us. Resisting was, of course, pointless.

And guess what bookworms do in a bookstore?

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Archeofuturist & retromodernist with a knack for individualistic altruism

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