What the Funk?

Saâd Kadhi.
Retromodernist. Archeofuturist. Individualistic altruist.

In this perfect circle, I came to know the many faces of my limits and the beauty of their confines.

The sentence above is heavily inspired by Tamino-Amir Moharam Fouad, a Belgian singer and musician.

An engineer by training, I believe art plays an essential role in taking us further, to the next day and beyond, while making us realise, deeply, that the present is a present.

Art is saving us. Art allows us to escape our framed, boxed lives and express our hearts, lest we forget our emotions and our humanity.

Important Note

Unless indicated otherwise, I’ve taken all the pictures featured on this website and written all the companion (or standalone) texts. If you would like to re-use them, please send me an email to request my permission.

I have a personal account on Mastodon.

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