Compulsive Book Acquisition Disorder, a Visual Manifesto

Photo featuring Alexandre Dulaunoy, a long-time friend and photography mentor/companion. The photo was taken last year, using a Leica Q2 during a photographic journey in Brussels, Belgium, ending by a visit to Bozar, a centre of fine arts in the heart of the city. In addition to our common passion for photography, we also share anContinue reading “Compulsive Book Acquisition Disorder, a Visual Manifesto”

Black of Waves

A little more than a month ago, my friend and fellow amateur photographer Alexandre Dulaunoy shared a picture of a sketch he was working on for some street art and painting ideas. When I saw it, two things came almost instantly to my mind: a title and a poem. I called the sketch Black HeartsContinue reading “Black of Waves”

Black Hearts Matter

In the wombs of their mothers, their hearts start to be beat.A murmur at first. And as they are born to this world, their lubs and dubs explode.So many discoveries to make, so many paths to take! They were alive, they were free!But soon, they realise something ain’t right. Come closer. Put your ear onContinue reading “Black Hearts Matter”