The Many Lives of Mister Bongo

Wooden statue by Jean Lambert-Rucki (Krakow, Poland, 1888-1967). On display at La Piscine, Roubaix, France. The name of this piece dating from 1937 is The Man with an Overcoat. But when I saw it and decided to take a picture of it from this angle, I thought a better name for the resulting image isContinue reading “The Many Lives of Mister Bongo”

Black of Waves

A little more than a month ago, my friend and fellow amateur photographer Alexandre Dulaunoy shared a picture of a sketch he was working on for some street art and painting ideas. When I saw it, two things came almost instantly to my mind: a title and a poem. I called the sketch Black HeartsContinue reading “Black of Waves”

Interpretation of an Artist’s Generosity

‪First what we are doing when we improvise, we’re starting with chaos & we’re creating something organized from it. I think there’s something really special in that moment of discovery Makaya McCraven Photo taken on 17 January 2020, after Makaya’s concert in Flagey, Brussels.