By the grace of her voice

It’s 5:00 AM. I wish I slept two more hours in this comfortable bed that is hosting me for a night. I arrived the day before in Rennes, a French city that is very dear to my heart, for many reasons. But that is for another day, if ever. I enjoyed my evening in theContinue reading “By the grace of her voice”

The Whole World Wants to be Touched

Le jour se lève, déchirant le voile de la nuit pour laisser place à une lumière douce. En ce jour de printemps, les oiseaux sont à la fête, chantant à tue-tête, pour ébrouer le monde de sa torpeur. Je ferme la fenêtre. Le silence s’installe. J’enclenche la platine qui se met alors à reproduire desContinue reading “The Whole World Wants to be Touched”

Let Me Out, Let Me Go

While practicing The Art of Getting Lost during the coronavirus lockdown, my eyes were caught by what looked like a dangling curtain or a tablecloth. A mild wind was toying with it, as if it was offering it a possible freedom from the frame it was imprisoned in, a freedom to roam the world, onlyContinue reading “Let Me Out, Let Me Go”