Vivre pour ne pas mourir

Un Levi’s 501 bleu délavé, déchiré, soutient ses jambes. À leur bout, une paire de Reebok blanches. Entre celles-ci et le sol chauffé à blanc par un soleil ardent, une planche de skateboard. Il met ses écouteurs à arceau, s’assure que son Walkman Sony Sports est bien fixé à la ceinture de son denim, enclenche laContinue reading “Vivre pour ne pas mourir”

Black Hearts Matter

In the wombs of their mothers, their hearts start to be beat.A murmur at first. And as they are born to this world, their lubs and dubs explode.So many discoveries to make, so many paths to take! They were alive, they were free!But soon, they realise something ain’t right. Come closer. Put your ear onContinue reading “Black Hearts Matter”

Let Me Out, Let Me Go

While practicing The Art of Getting Lost during the coronavirus lockdown, my eyes were caught by what looked like a dangling curtain or a tablecloth. A mild wind was toying with it, as if it was offering it a possible freedom from the frame it was imprisoned in, a freedom to roam the world, onlyContinue reading “Let Me Out, Let Me Go”