The Shelter that Wasn’t

I took this picture during a walk in a neighbourhood I hadn’t explored before. I ended up there by chance. As often when I go out for a photo session, I didn’t have a particular aim. I let my mind take the backseat and follow whatever direction my eyes, my heart or my feet take.Continue reading “The Shelter that Wasn’t”

Trouble and Me

‘The mind sliversPatient, my mind quiversStand and deliverA better way, a solace for my soul, heyIn any riverCome along, come togetherWitness the happeningWhere sane folk slowly lose control, hey Trouble and meTrouble and meTrouble and meTrouble and meI feel it all the timeI’m hanging on the lineTrouble and me…’ Trouble + Me. Ghostpoet.

La grisaille en nous

J’ai fait une excellente marche ce matin, doublée d’une sortie photographique. Cela me fit un bien fou. J’ai respiré l’air frais à pleins poumons. Un salutaire silence régnait sur les rues désertées de Bruxelles. Le ciel était gai. Je le sentais à la fête, railleur car libre des gaz d’échappement qui, d’habitude l’étouffent et nousContinue reading “La grisaille en nous”

Before the Corona War

Digital photo taken with a device called iPhone, which was designed by an American company called Apple and manufactured by XX-XXI Century slaves in China. China was a 2000 years old civilisation located in Asia, before the continent was deserted and declared unsafe for humans. The device was uncovered in a recently disinfected home inContinue reading “Before the Corona War”