Roll Call for The Absentees

I’ve been looking for you my love.But emptiness is all I see. You left never to return.No letter, no explanation.My heart, no longer the same. In the middle of the night and of our life.I find myself without you. Something is off.A crack in my soul.Leaking light. Looking at my hands.I still feel the softContinue reading “Roll Call for The Absentees”

Black Hearts Matter

In the wombs of their mothers, their hearts start to be beat.A murmur at first. And as they are born to this world, their lubs and dubs explode.So many discoveries to make, so many paths to take! They were alive, they were free!But soon, they realise something ain’t right. Come closer. Put your ear onContinue reading “Black Hearts Matter”

Dans ton jardin secret…

Dans ton jardin secret, Je n’ai plus l’endroit d’entrer, Dans ce lieu si merveilleux, Des rêves que je ne peux plus toucher, A travers la lucarne de mes souvenirs, Je revis. Et cela suffit, Pour me refaire marcher au bord de toi. Mais jusqu’à quand ? Les images, telles des pétales, se fanent. Jusqu’à quandContinue reading “Dans ton jardin secret…”

Trouble and Me

‘The mind sliversPatient, my mind quiversStand and deliverA better way, a solace for my soul, heyIn any riverCome along, come togetherWitness the happeningWhere sane folk slowly lose control, hey Trouble and meTrouble and meTrouble and meTrouble and meI feel it all the timeI’m hanging on the lineTrouble and me…’ Trouble + Me. Ghostpoet.

L’échappée belle

J’en ai assez du confinement. J’ai décidé de larguer les amarres de la peur, de tourner le dos aux falaises de l’incertitude. J’ai décidé de me remettre à la religion, au culte du rêve et du voyage. Sur place. J’ai pris place à bord d’un navire mystique, aux côtés d’un marin de qualité, un hommeContinue reading “L’échappée belle”