Moi, moi, moi !

Divagations au royaume de l’individu-dieu Il est une tendance de mes contemporains, de générations qui suivent la mienne, qui m’exaspère : la mise en avant de soi par la photographie. J’ai une appétence inexistante pour les égo-portraits. Je ne sais pas si c’est du à mon âge, qui me fait glisser inéluctablement dans la catégorieContinue reading “Moi, moi, moi !”

Miss Glory and Señor Lockdown

Walking down the beautiful alleys of the Thabor in Rennes, one of my favourite French cities, I came across a scene that reminded me of the world before the pandemic. A world where we could sit next to each other to act as the social beings we all are and experience art, together. It wasContinue reading “Miss Glory and Señor Lockdown”

Black Hearts Matter

In the wombs of their mothers, their hearts start to be beat.A murmur at first. And as they are born to this world, their lubs and dubs explode.So many discoveries to make, so many paths to take! They were alive, they were free!But soon, they realise something ain’t right. Come closer. Put your ear onContinue reading “Black Hearts Matter”